Spin Bikes

Spin Bikes

Spin-bikes are different from ordinary bikes, like heaven and earth. This equipment, developed specifically for cycling - dynamic group cardio training, which involves not only the muscles of the back and legs, but also the upper shoulder girdle. If exercise bikes can be compared to ordinary sports bicycles, then spin-bikes are powerful racing models. The load on the muscles during the sessions of the cycling depends on different parameters:

  • weight flywheel spin-bike;
  • speed of rotation of pedals;
  • body position during training (sitting or standing).

Spin-bikes refer to simulators of a mechanical type. Load here is provided by the flywheel and the brake pads pressed to it. Such simulators do not need power, so they can be installed in any part of the hall, away from the adapters and sockets. On the spin-bike you can "pump" all muscle groups and burn extra pounds in a short time - that's why these cardio machines are so in demand among visitors to fitness clubs and cross-centers.

Features of professional spin-bikes

Now in the sports equipment shops you can buy amateur and professional models. The second has an increased level of maximum load (this spin-bikes can work 24 hours non-stop) and functionality. There is no need in computers – it is impossible to control the digits change on the display due to cycling intensity.

A good spin-bike makes training as productive and comfortable as possible. For this, in professional models, there are provided toeclips - special device for fixing the feet on the pedals. They provide an even distribution of the load on the shins muscles, so that the legs do not go numb after training. For the safety of the machine there is a press brake which instantly blocks the flywheel. Professional spin-bike also has a specific frame material - it is made of high-strength, deformation-resistant alloy.

The undoubted advantage of cycling simulators is their small size. The maximum length of professional models does not exceed 1.4 meters, which makes it possible to place several simulators on a small area. Spin-bikes of the first generation had a high level noise at high speeds. But latest generation professional models, presented in our catalog, produce no more noise than classic exercise bikes

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