Interview with Dmitrii Melnikov, General Director of The Company SPARTA

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From trees to trade global brand clients


- Dmitry, tell us about yourself, where and how the company was created?
- I am 26 years old, I live in Novosibirsk, the geographical scope of my work - the entire continent. By calling me a creator, an entrepreneur by profession, and when people ask me what I do, I say: "the Seller". What, by the way, not far from the truth. In all its projects, I always personally engaged in sales, together with my team. Of the assets at the moment I have two manufacturing companies and a sports retail store SPARTA, with which and began my serious entrepreneurial life. Before that, of course, Christmas trees sold, and German cars surpassed. His first money I earned gardener positions at the 105th factory, when I was 14 years old. In fact, we cut down the groves of maple on the factory grounds blunt axes and a hacksaw. Physically it was very hard work, but we coped. Dress, in my opinion, about 4 thousand rubles per month. SPARTA The company was established in May 2012 and winter 2013 already had his own small production of sports equipment, later were already implemented the first more or less large projects in Novosibirsk. Now we have five independent production departments, sales, finance, accounting, logistics department, the staff of our company is constantly growing.

- How to choose the business - the production of sports equipment?
- Never even got up this question. If there is demand, and you can meet him if you see the market and realize that you can do something better, better, cheaper, then you just have to do it. Sport and then doing and doing now, yes.

- What do you produce?
- SPARTA company produces sports equipment for martial arts and CrossFit. We are - professionals in engineering, product design, production and assembly halls "turnkey", and it says at least the fact that we have produced 128 facilites spread over 38 thousand square meters in the last couple of years and work with such titans as World Class, AlexFitness, X-Fit, «Fitness Geometry", the company "Champion", and Adidas. In our company there are experts who are engaged in the development of new types and models of products and improvement of existing - it's designers, developers, engineers and chemists. There are, of course, some of the approaches and principles in the manufacturing and design, which have been taken over by American companies with which we want to compete.


- And your experience take over?
- Our developments have already adopt some Russian producers, but to endure our quality still can not due to lack of, in my opinion, our passion and meticulousness to detail and nuances, and, of course, the lack of a strong OTC system. We have a triple quality control system, which allows you to be 100% sure that any project with a personal order will leave our production without any marriage and defects.

- There is something that only you produce?
- Yes, there are some exclusive types of products that we produce only around the world. For example, the cell-ring "Transformer" - is the realization of our unique design development, the design allows for a half hour to transform cage for MMA in the boxing ring and back. These products are currently in high demand.


"OBS» vs Instagram


- Have the ever support from the authorities or any funds?
- For support, we have not turned to the authorities, and can not imagine how they can help. Maybe if the asking interest rate refinancing to reduce (laughs).

- You advise any business school, did you learn there? What knowledge, in principle, we need to open a business in Russia?
- One of our third-party business consultants - is Vladimir Marinovic, the founder of the business school "UP." I myself in any business school are not trained. Most of my knowledge - it is your own rake, on which I was advancing in recent years and bumps on the rake of other people, including Vladimir.


- What percentage of clients come from social networks, as well as those who wished to set up the equipment, check it out, for example, in another room in the competition?
- From social networks comes a lot of customers, is now actively developing Instagram and pump through the international channel on Youtube videos with useful examples of assembly of our products. But most certainly a useful and effective channel of "warm Disabilities" (the so-called potential clients, seriously deliberated on the acquisition of goods or services - Ed.) - It is "OPS", stands for "one grandmother said." So many potential customers often call us and say something in the spirit: "We know exactly what you have made the biggest and the coolest room in our city. We were there, we like it very much. We want to work only with you. "

- What is now the production volumes?
- Now the average ship our 200 - 300 kubomet





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