Interviews for the main web portal of Novosibirsk: Novosibirsk company SPARTA signed a contract with Adidas to supply Medballs ECOleather

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Novosibirsk company SPARTA, producing printed balls CrossFit, Adidas won a tender for the supply of 800 balls.
As the general director of OOO "Sparta" Dmitry Melnikov, the company has long been negotiating with Adidas and eventually received an invitation to two internal tender. One of them - for the supply of ECOletaher medbolov 7 and 10 kg - last week won SPARTA. The amount of the contract Melnikov did not disclose, citing commercial secrecy.
The first order for 800 medbolov SPARTA should ship within 3 weeks. "Adidas" will use medboly Novosibirsk production for internal needs and for national competitions CrossFit. "We hope that more will follow large orders for much larger volumes, not only on the data model of our products, and other equipment," - said Melnikov.
He said that the company produces sports equipment for martial arts (for fighting cells without rules), and CrossFit gyms (medboly) since 2012. They have their own production in Novosibirsk, investments in which Melnikov appreciated about 20-30 million rubles.
Development Director Nikolai Nechunaev noted that the company produces balls of eco-leather (durable leatherette) and fills them with a mixture of crumb rubber and cloth in various proportions. The price of one ball in retail - 2260 rubles.
"The peculiarity of balls - the center of gravity shifted. With functional training you can not guess where the ball will fly. And when you catch it, tighten all the muscle groups, "- says Nechunaev.
According to Dmitry Melnikov, at SPARTA is not among the Russian competitors. "The products of similar quality and design is made except that several American companies: ZebraMat, Dollamour, Throwdown, and possibly in part of products we compete with the company Century», - he noted.





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