Projecting of the gym "on a turn-key basis"

Opening the gym is a whole non-trivial task, and not everyone will easily cope with it.

We have opened a large number of gyms and functional training halls "on a turn-key basis". And we can help you in this important matter.

What can we offer you in SPARTA Company?
At a minimum, It is:
  • We will help you with the arrangement of equipment and arrange simulators so that it would be convenient, both to the visitors and guests of your club, and to the staff.
  • Draw a 3D model (visualization) of your future hall for free.
  • We will offer you several options for cost, from budget equipment to premium equipment.
Call us or leave a request and we will contact you very quickly.

Addressing to us, you will get help from real professionals and true adherents of a healthy approach to life.

We are waiting for your questions on the number of our hotline: +44 208-089-0280