Design of functional training halls

Do you want to open a FUNCTIONAL TRAINING gym?
Do you want to meet all your requirements and produce a real "wow" effect?
Do you want your trainers to be comfortable creating real athletes?
Do you want it was ergonomic and all the equipment was placed wisely?
Do you want the gym to bring a good profit in the end?

If you answered for all these questions - Yes! Or at least one of them!
Then you should ask us for the consultation.

We will help you with the arrangement of equipment for functional training.
We will help to choose a unique interior, if necessary, that fits into the framework of the industry of the world FUNCTIONAL TRAINING community.
Draw a 3D model (visualization) of the hall of your dreams for free.
We will offer you several options for cost, from budget equipment to premium equipment.

Call us or leave a request and we will contact you very quickly.

We have already created more than 100 halls for FUNCTIONAL TRAINING and functional training "on a turn-key basis" throughout Russia, CIS and Europe.
Applying to us, you will get help from professionals and fans of this sport.

We are waiting for your questions on the number of our hotline: +44 208-089-0280