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Greetings, Anton. Thank you for the good products, both adults and children are happy to train on tatami.

MMM Okruzhnoy

city Penza

When we have designed one of our best clubs, PowerClub ARENA, we had a rather difficult task to make this club not only very beautiful and comfortable for our guests to practice, but also to make it, in some way, unique, like no other.


We ordered a unique product from SPARTA Company, which, at that time, nobody had in the world: Transformer Cage-Ring ...


Exactly it became the pearl of our club and works great for marketing. A large number of tournaments, seminars and other events were held there.


 PowerClub ARENA


city Tomsk

Thank you SPARTA Company for learning how to make very high quality mats and equipment in Russia.


We equipped with SPARTA Company our two gyms.


Very satisfied! Everything delivered on time!




city Ufa



We and the whole Martial Arts Club "GROWTH" express our gratitude to SPARTA Company for the manufacture of sports equipment and its installation. Professionalism and attention to the nuances and details are what distinguish SPARTA from other Russian companies.


A large number of children are engaged in our club and not only design is important for us, but also quality and, most importantly, safety. This all the guys offer at a very good price from the manufacturer.


Club «Growth»


city Novosibirsk

I express my deep gratitude to the SPARTA team and personally to Dmitry Melnikov for making a high-quality "transformer" of the cage-ring. Everything was done on time without overlays, came to Norilsk with a full list of details, nothing is forgotten. Everywhere I have felt an individual approach, real affordable prices.


I held an international tournament under the auspices of my fighting organization ANF. The cage is excellent. There is an amateur competition in MMA ahead. I will pull the ropes, it is very convenient in its versatility. I am the head coach of the Russian national MMA team and the president of the Norilsk MMA Federation. I advise SPARTA Company to everyone. Trust me, there are a lot of companies to choose them, but after getting acquainted with the works and reviews of friends about SPARTA, I addressed to Dmitry and I did not lose.


Sergey Pilikhovsky


Head coach of the Russian national MMA team


In May 2016, we decided to open the hall of Crossfit and the hall of mixed martial arts! We found a website with SPARTA equipment on the Internet. We were pleased with the prices and a large selection of sports equipment! We got acquainted with the representative Dmitry Melnikov, who told us everything in details, described the equipment that they produce and its quality. Dmitry kindly answered all our questions and without any doubts we decided that we would cooperate with them. 


SPARTA quickly completed our order that was very important to us! When all the equipment was delivered, at any time we could contact their team and clarify all the nuances about the assembly of the ring, the cage and the functional frame for Crossfit.


In general, we are satisfied with the quality and work of SPARTA Company. We will continue to cooperate with them in the following.


Sports Complex "Alexander Nevsky"


city Ussuriysk

I am very glad to work with SPARTA Company, represented by Director Dmitry Melnikov.


We are acquainted with SPARTA for a long time, when even the Company was just an equipment store. And now it's time to repair my hall, and without a hidden agenda I adopted a decision with what company I want to work. The result did not take long to wait. SPARTA completed everything within the prescribed period of time, helped with the selection and design. The result - we received one of the best halls in the city. Thank you.

Club "Ermak"

city Novosibirsk

Opening the hall of martial arts, I was thinking about how to bring these thoughts and experience into life. Thanks to SPARTA Company, I have 100% fulfilled my plans and did everything in accordance with the project. 


SPARTA Company - professionals of their business. They do not just produce sports equipment, but also perfectly understand what needs to be done that the athlete is comfortable. SPARTA is the company that understands the essence of martial arts.


Club "Bear"


city Novosibirsk

"Greetings, Anton (one of our best sales managers). Thank you very much for the bag. It is produced very well. Yesterday we hung up it ... the whole hall was delighted to receive the new «club member». Thank you very much. "


Kickboxing academy



The Charitable Foundation “I GROW WITH SPORT” expresses sincere gratitude to SPARTA Company for many years of fruitful cooperation in the implementation of the project “I GROW WITH SPORT”.


Since 2014, as part of the project, a huge amount of the equipment has been produced for the SAMBO charity halls in dozens of Russian cities.


Excellent fighting carpets, wall bars and other equipment!


We are glad that we have found such a partner - always, with peace of mind, we can rely on SPARTA!


Miroslav Smirnov


"I grow with sport"


"Yesterday we had the opening of the club! Thank you for the quality products! It was a pleasure to cooperate! In the future we will work only with your company and advise everyone."


Club "Principle"

Championship of Russia 2017 Judo in Kemerovo.


"The dimensional admission in the Belgian tatami and tatami of other Russian manufacturers is 5 mm, you have only 1 - 2 mm. The coating is perfectly even."


Anatoly Vladimirovich Laryukov


Vice-President of the Russian Federation of Judo


"Thanks to the guys from SPARTA Company who made this hall beautiful, comfortable and safe for training. We are at work upon our hall for a long time and now it is almost ready. Thanks to Anton who brought all our ideas and desires into the final result. Thanks to the guys from the production who brought it all into life. The hall is succeeded."


Vitaly Manchur


  Head coach and hall organizer

"Thanks to manager Sergey Shepel for cooperation, attentiveness, professionalism, patience and the ability to solve problems as soon as possible."

V.M. Kets

  Director of SSOR, Svetly