The functional frame consists of:

2 sections - 1.8x1.8m with perforated racks;

2 sections - 1.1x1.8 m with perforated racks;

classic handle;

multilevel rukhoda;

2 pairs of J-hooks;

2 pairs of bar stops;

2 horizontal bars;


4 shelves for storing inventory;

Hinged beams;

2 x CrossFit ropes with bindings;

Bench GHD (hyperextension);

Target for medballs.

The complex does not include:


Loops with rings;

Filling the shelves (weights, barbell discs, dumbbells, etc.)

Jumping supports.

The functional frame consists of:2 sections - 1.8x1.8m with perforated racks;2 sections - 1.1x1.8 m with perforated racks;classic handle;multilevel rukhoda;2 pairs of J-hooks;2 pairs of bar stops;2 horizontal bars;T-bar;4 shelves for storing inventory;Hinged beams;2 x CrossFit ropes with bindings;Bench GHD (hyperextension);Target for medballs.The complex does not include:Vultures;Loops with rings;Filling the shelves (weights, barbell discs, dumbbells, etc.)Jumping supports.
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